Antler Slingshots

The first day I worked with Friedrich, he showed me his antler slingshot and I immediately wanted one of my own. I loved the simplicity and size of it. If you need to hunt small game or take care of varmints that are in close range, a slingshot is a silent and beautiful tool that can fit in your back pocket. Friedrich told me if I found an antler, he would be happy to make me one.

I kept my eyes peeled for antlers my entire time at Blue Hill Farm, but by the last month had given up hope. Then, during my last week, I stumbled upon a gorgeous antler in the middle of the pasture while moving chicken coops. I brought it to him and we got to work that evening.

When it was finished, I showed Marya and shot a few soda cans. After I hit the first can, she exclaimed, “I want one too!” Marya had found an antler the first month at the farm but no longer knew where it was. I went to the basement and dug around for a little while when I found it tucked above a few farming books. Friedrich got to work again, and two days later, we both were armed with antler slingshots.

The antler in its original form.

Friedrich saws the antler down to size.

Closeup of Friedrich sawing the antler.

Friedrich sands down the ends of the antler.

Our slingshots from left to right: Josh, Marya and Friedrich.

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