A look at Chicken life

The wagon with feeders and water for the chickens

Max, the guardian dog that lives with the chickens. Unfortunately he often enjoys sprinting through groups of chickens and occasionally tramples one to death.

Sean moving the chicken coops. We try to move them at least every other day.

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8 Responses to A look at Chicken life

  1. nora says:

    Josh – I’ve loved following your journey on this blog, but I have to see these are my favorites so far. I especially love that one solitary black & white chicken… and my favorite is the one of the three chickens on the plank to their coop. In fact, I kind of want a print of that one to hang up somewhere.

    • josh says:

      Thanks Nora! Chickens are a lot of fun to be around. I’m flattered you like the photos enough to want one on your wall.

      I’d be happy to send you that photo of three chickens if you can tell me what size you’d like to print to be.

      • nora says:

        I just saw this… oops! Thank you that is very generous! I’ll email you my info.

      • Jacalyn says:

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  2. Jerry G. says:

    I wonder if Max ever feels sorry when he accidentally kills one of those chickens…

  3. Franciscus and Levina Gerritsen says:

    Dear Josh and Marya,
    We are following your adventures and are so impressed by the stories and pictures.
    Marya, you are a wonderful storyteller, and Josh, your pictures are so beautiful. Like Nora we just love the three chickens on the entry plank. Could we also have one for our “wall”?
    We are looking forward to see you here again after your farm adventures.
    (Please note the change in e-mail address.)
    Best wishes.
    Oma and Opa

    • josh says:

      Oma and Opa,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I would be happy to send you a copy of that photo! If there are any more you would like, just let me know.


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