Cows in the morning

Every morning we herd the cows to be milked in the barn. Depending on which pasture they are grazing this can take between 10 minutes to an hour. They can run in different directions, be held up by a stubborn cow ahead of the others, or decide to walk in the opposite direction, but generally this doesn’t happen.

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2 Responses to Cows in the morning

  1. Suzanne Beam says:

    Hi Josh i,am your parents house keeper Suzanne I will enjoy seeing your progress on the farming . I love farms my self .I spend a lot of my child hood with both grandparents.,an they were farmers. the only sad things about farming you have to kill some thing ,i had a hard time with that part . good luck i will be checking in with you Suzanne

    • josh says:

      Thank you for checking out my blog! I would love to hear about your experience on farms the next i’m home.

      I actually photographed a pig slaughter last week which will be appearing on here soon. That was hard to watch.

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