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  1. Norwegian family says:

    Hi Josh and Marya!
    Today we’ve been reading us up on the adventure of your farm experience. We’re impressed and inspired. When we where young we also dreamt about entering the farming adventure, and worked for some time on a big organic farm in Norway. The produce was grains, milking cows and meat-production, in all about 100 animals (that’s big in Norway!). My responsibility was milking twice a day, while my husband did the feeding. A lot of it was manual work! It was a nice time for us, and we haven’t completely abandoned the dream of returning to a life on the land. Being educated for farming I can tell you have good chances for succeeding. First of all, you are serious about it, second you deliberately search for the information needed to succeed, and third you seem to talk to experienced farmers. All this is very important. Many people are not aware that farming requires much knowledge in a range of topics, and, one needs to keep up the knowledge base. The last aspect for succeeding is: Doing the hard work! Keep up your good spirits!
    Best regards,
    Aunt and Uncle in Norway

    • josh says:

      Hi Herman and Sissel,

      I’m flattered you have been following the blog! 100 Animals is quite a few critters running around.

      Thank you for the kind words, I hope you both can visit soon and see the farm for yourselves.



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