The Last Month at Blue Hill

Here’s a selection of photos taken at Blue Hill Farm in the last month with my iPhone.

Lia sitting in the pasture early in the morning. The chicken coops are in the distance.

The barn at Blue Hill Farm at sunrise.

The morning sunrise streaking across pasture.

A chicken leaving one of the four chicken coops.

Laying hens getting into the grain before we have put it into their feeders.

Christian on his last day herding the cows up to the barn.

Marya petting one of the two friendly barn cats.

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3 Responses to The Last Month at Blue Hill

  1. Don Witscher says:

    beautiful, we will miss your art and documentation, good luck

  2. Suzanne Beam says:

    Hi Josh the picture,s of Blue Hill farm are beauiful , you are coming to the end of your journey. were you happy with what you learned? See you soon at the farm suzanne

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