Our Farm Plan

Marya and I spent many hours this year deliberating on the perfect mix of animals for our inaugural year as farmers. We’re excited to finally share with everyone our farm plan for 2013.

To start, 30 Guinea Fowl will roam our fields freely to dine on ticks and other insects.

75 layers consisting of Silver Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, and Araucanas will rotate daily through the pastures, four days behind the ruminants to ensure there is fly larvae in the manure waiting to be eaten.

4 Boer goats will be moved around to various places at the farm to control brush.

7 Katahdin Sheep will rotate daily through 40 different paddocks. They will eventually be bred for lambs.

2 Highland cattle will be rotated daily along with the sheep to ensure forage is consumed more evenly. Cattle, sheep, and goats all prefer to eat different forage, so stacking them on the same pasture will maximize what’s available.

And finally, 2 Berkshire and 2 Large Black pigs will be in the fenced-in area highlighted in blue on the map below. We hope to mainly feed them compost from surrounding restaurants. If not, we’ll use certified organic feed.

We have a total of 8 acres of pasture and around 80 acres of forest surrounding us. As our farm grows, we’ll clear land as needed. But for now, 8 acres will keep us plenty busy with all of these animals!

Birds Eye View

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