Our Highland Cattle

We hadn’t planned on getting cows this year. When we first came up with our farm plan, we thought sheep would be our primary ruminant for 2013. But then we realized the grass was growing more rapidly than we could possibly keep up with seven little lambs.

We worked with Normandy/Dutch Belted cows at North Plain Farm but Highlands are more calm, rugged, and will eat a larger variety of plants than other breeds. I’ve heard from multiple farmers that a Highland can thrive on low quality forage while other cows would drop dead.

Our two girls will either be slaughtered or bred in two years, depending on if we want to continue with cattle.

The more time I spend with them, the more I hope we breed them instead.

Highland Cattle 1

Highland Cattle 2

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3 Responses to Our Highland Cattle

  1. Friedrich says:

    Hey Marya and Josh,

    that looks really great! Congratulations! Those highlands are beautiful!
    It seems like youre doing well!? I have something that i would like to send you, can you send me your adress?

    All the best,

  2. Jerry G. says:

    They have cool hairdos.

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