Rooster Slaughter at North Plain Farm

Back in August, Christian and Friedrich wanted to capture a few roosters and do a slaughter at North Plain Farm. Marya, Christian and I captured three after chasing them around in the pasture. Two days later, the roosters were slaughtered.

It was Marya’s first time slaughtering an animal; Jessie and Gregory were there to help and guide the three during the entire process.

Below is a slideshow of the slaughter. I have to warn you that the photos are graphic. Also, it was not the typical procedure that North Plain Farm uses to slaughter chickens for market. I photographed, but did not take part in the slaughter, while the rest of the interns did the work.

These roosters were for our own consumption and they were delicious.

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9 Responses to Rooster Slaughter at North Plain Farm

  1. Matthew Belsky says:

    Nice photos. I especially like the ones with the pre-axe chop the rooster’s head off with the black background. Nice touch.

    However, I must inquire if you have any photos of the actual moment where Marya penetrated the rooster with the knife? I would like to see those if you took them :)


  2. Julia Kern says:

    thank you very much for this great photography. Inspired by Friedrich (my nephew) my 3 children and I will slaughter our first goose on x-mas. We are researching now and try to get over our squeamishness. But we are all set on our task and although we didn’t raise this goose, we see it every other morning crossing the road to it’s pasture. I think your work is great and I especially like the photos of the pig slaughter.
    Best wishes
    Julia (Germany)

  3. josh says:

    Thank you so much Julia! That is great to hear that you will be slaughtering a truly free range goose this Christmas. Please let us know how it goes!

  4. Julia Kern says:

    Dear Josh,
    I have to confess: I chickened out – literally. We slaughtered a very heavy free range chicken today but that also taught me that I can’t handle a goose. It was a very good experience, quick and clean and the children thought it was good as well. We made some photos but they are nothing compared to your excellent photography. We ate the liver and the heart immediately, so delicious.
    All the best

  5. josh says:

    Hi Julia,

    That’s great you tried a slaughter at least! Geese are certainly a lot bigger and more to handle than a chicken. I’m glad the children enjoyed the experience. Are you going to post the photos somewhere? I’d love to see them.



    • Julia Kern says:

      High Josh, ask Friedrich, I sent him 2 emails with all the photos. I’m not a public person, this is the first time I sent a comment in any blog or public place.
      I just saw the new photos, you are truly talented. I like a lot how you bring a shine to your photos. They have a touch of the old masters painting the Last Supper. (I’m not religious though)
      Thank you for keeping us updated on him over this year.

  6. deborah says:

    I applaud you for photographing this. We would slaughter chickens with my dad when we were young. I am squeamish looking at it but as an omnivore I think it is vitally important to be conscious about what that means. Thank you.

    • josh says:

      I completely agree that omnivores have a responsibility to be conscious about what it truly means to eat meat. I envy that you had the experience of slaughtering chickens as a kid!

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