Two weeks left at the farm!

It has been quite some time since we last posted on the blog. A lot has happened since then, such as the arrival of 300 broiler chickens, my two week trip to China (those photos to come), two sows giving birth, and going down to one milking a day.

I have a ton of photo shoots sitting on my hard drive that I shot with my Nikon D800E, but most of those won’t be posted until we get to Maine next month. Lack of time and computing power are the limiting factors. For now, enjoy my recent photos from my iPhone.

One of the sows that gave birth and two sets of piglets. The other sow rejected her piglets, but when we put her litter with this sow, she happily adopted them.

Marya with a layer chick on her shoulder.

My friend Nate feeding Peaches’ calf. He came to visit us a few weeks ago and helped out on the farm.

Gregory moving a chicken house over a field overrun by pig weed at North Plain Farm.

Farewell Bonfire for Christian, a summer intern, at North Plain Farm.

Gregory securing round bales early in the morning.

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